Our Mission

The Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra Foundation’s mission is to (i) support and assist the Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra (HRO) and (ii) create a community for HRO alumni to be engaged with one another and the HRO.

Our Goals


The Foundation has set the following goals:


  1. Provide financial support to the HRO, including support for special concerts and major works, summer tours, orchestral retreats, music lessons, music rentals, instrument repairs and social events
  2. Provide guidance to the student leadership of the HRO and help serve as the institutional memory of the HRO
  3. Provide mentorship and networking opportunities for students and alumni
  4. Connect alumni with the HRO and with one another


Membership is open to all alumni of the HRO, who automatically become members of the Foundation upon graduation from Harvard University.  The Foundation has also been fortunate to have had the active support of parents of current and former members of the HRO and friends of the HRO.  There are currently no annual dues.


The Executive Committee comprises the President, Secretary, Parent Liaison, Chair of the Development Committee and Annual Appeal Treasurer.  The Board of Directors consists of the Executive Committee, ex officio, and non-titled officers.